Teach others – in the process, you will learn more about yourself.  

PopPop’s Additional Comment:  I have given pretty complicated subject matter presentations at our industry’s annual convention.  I do my research and prepare my outline for the presentation—And you know what?—I find more information on the subject than I was not aware of—so yes, there is always more interesting and important information to obtained, learned, and then used.

Be your best self, in every way, every day.

Once you feel comfortable that you are well on the way to achieving your dreams, goals, and aspirations – help others achieve theirs. Pop-Pop’s Additional Comment:  Recently I had a transaction with an attorney who had just opened up his own office.  He was working on his first case for his new office. He had worked for another law firm for his first 4 years out of law school.  But now he was on his own an was doing a real estate transaction. He never had handled a real estate closing, as the firm he had been with only handled litigation.  He was in a quandary.

He was a very smart attorney and hired an independent company to handle one of the more complex issues on the transaction.  The day before the closing was to occur, that company bailed out on him. He was given my name by another attorney that he respected hoping that I would be able to help.  Luckily for him and his client, I was able to take care of the situation.

I spent all night working on the paperwork and was able to get the completed documentation to everyone involved in the real estate transaction a couple of hours before the transaction had been set to close.  Yes, I was very tired. But I felt I had accomplished the impossible.

The next day, I spent over 4 hours on the telephone with him giving him tips on how he should handle certain situations and where to find sources that would help him in the future. Did I have to spend the extra time giving him the sources and examples on how to handle different difficult situations?  

Of course, I did not have to spend those extra hours. But what I realized from this exercise was that I did, in fact, have a lot of knowledge that others do not have and there is no reason not to share some of that knowledge. Helping others out when they are having a difficult time truly is rewarding, for the listener as well as the teacher. I really felt good — like I had done a good deed that day.  You should try it—the feeling is terrific.


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