Untruthfulness is a premeditated mistake.

A true friend never gets in your way unless you happen to be going down the wrong path.

What you see is not always what you get.  PopPop’s Additional Comment:  I’ll bet if you start thinking about this quote, you will agree that there are many times you have not received what you thought you were supposed to receive.  Recently I purchased a watch on the internet. It had many features—time, day, month, waterproof, etc. The only problem is that you could not read the time at night because the hour and minute hands were not illuminated.  My mistake, but it sure was not what I thought I was getting. Not many people would want a watch that is un-useable to them at night.

Truth is like cream – it’s heavy – but always finds its way to the top.

Sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction.

Admit your mistakes.  PopPop’s Additional Comment:  This is very hard to do, but after you start admitting your mistakes, you will feel so much better.  Then your goal should be to try to correct the mistakes. If you have hurt someone’s feelings, try as soon as possible to apologize.

Before you point an accusing finger at someone – be 100% sure of your facts or 100% sure that you don’t care about the ill will you are about to create.

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