Teach others – in the process, you will learn more about yourself.  PopPop’s Additional Comment:  I have given pretty complicated subject matter presentations at our industry’s annual convention.  I do my research and prepare my outline for the presentation—And you know what?—I find more information on the subject that I was not aware of—so yes, there is always more interesting and important information to obtained, learned, and then used.

Seek to create positive cash flows and profits – wealth will follow.

All pigs look better on a skewer with an apple in their mouth – therefore, always know when enough is enough and leave something for someone else. PopPop’s Additional Comment:  In other words, let the other side make a little of the money if you are working on a deal or get some of the praise when you are working on a project.  I have done this on many of my legal transactions—you have no idea how it is appreciated by the parties on the other side and is very helpful when you are dealing with these same people in the future.  

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