Learn to listen.  Opportunity sometimes knocks very softly.

Try to see all endeavors through to their conclusion—win, lose or draw.

PopPop’s Additional Comment:  I worked on a project for a banker.  I spent a lot of time on the project and thought I had come up with a good resolution to the issues presented to me.  But, the banker and his bank canceled the project anyway. For the next number of years, I never received any new business from the bank after that particular file was canceled.  I thought I had lost the bank as my client. About fifteen (15) years later the bank wanted to use my services. They said they were sending me this new business transaction because they appreciated all of my due diligence on the prior files, even under tough circumstances.  I guess that old saying is still true: “Do the best you can, even if you believe you have failed—because you never know who is watching and what their interpretation of the facts and results are.

Always remember who you are, how you got there and those who helped you get there.

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