See problems as opportunities for growth and self-mastery. PopPop’s Additional Comment:  I think I have said this in another way in one of our other lessons, but:   I will repeat it: “Problems are Opportunities in Disguise”. A couple of years ago I had to have hip replacement surgery.   My doctor suggested that after the surgery, I have physical therapy at an overnight facility. You sleep overnight at a physical therapy/rehab center.  He said I would get more therapy each day as a result. So, after 8 days and nights at the facility, I finally able to come home. While at the rehab center they asked me to put on my socks.  Of course, that was one of the many actions I physically could not initially do. They then asked if I would like a “sock aid”? I asked what in the world is a “sock aid’? They brought me one to look at. It’s a device that stretches the sock and then lets you slip your foot into a sock, without struggling.  WOW! Was my first comment after I used it. I was told that someone had surgery on their knees and could not put on their socks without assistance. He came up with this product after his surgery to solve the problem for patients after they have surgery. I again say: “WOW”. He saw an opportunity and solved the problem and additionally has made a nice amount of money while solving many patients problem of being able to put on their socks.  Does this mean you have to become an inventor? NO!! This example shows that you can solve problems by thinking about the problem and then hopefully solving it. It could be dealing with almost anything, from dealing with an ornery person to solving a complex problem, to handling a problem at work or school. Another way I guess I could say this is: try to become a problem solver. You never know what opportunities will evolve from your solution—they could be a “that a boy” or some extra coins in your pocket.

Take charge of your attitude.  Don’t let someone else choose it for you.

The difference between rich and poor people is only dollars.  The difference between fulfilled people and unfulfilled people is how they enjoy what they have. PopPop’s Additional Comment:  Review “Perspectives of a Son”, one of our other blog subjects.

Smile a lot.  It costs nothing and is beyond price.  PopPops Additional Comment:  Gigi (my bride of 50+ years) wakes up every day with a smile on her face; it would be wonderful if everyone woke up with a smile on their faces, as she does.  What a great way to start the day!! I have a great idea, let’s start a smile in the morning movement. We can call it “Smile Away” or something like that—it will certainly make us and those around us feel good.

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