Be aware 360 Degrees – you never know from which direction the next accident will happen.  PopPop’s Additional Comment.  My car has a backside camera, which allows me to see who is coming in my direction on the back side of my car.  My wife’s car has three cameras allowing her to see who is coming behind her but also gives a bigger view so she gets a lot of backside views.  The new car models have a front side view camera showing who is coming from the right side of the automobile. I believe we will have front side cameras for viewing who is coming in either direction. All of this should help prevent some motor accidents.  I believe someday they will have head cameras which will do the same thing. Want a neat idea? How about somebody coming up with an application (app.) etc, that would help all of us truly get a 360 Degree view of all of the possible problems we are dealing with when negotiating a contractor dealing with others.  Usually, lawyers and CPA’s do a pretty good job with those types of issues, but there is always room for improvement.

Make the best of bad situations.

Don’t take good health for granted.

Take time to smell the roses. PopPop’s Additional Comment: This means enjoy yourself.  If it’s taking the opportunity to go to a concert, going to camp, walk on the beach, going to a sporting event, taking a vacation, taking a needed day off from work, go fishing, read a book or buying something for someone else, etc.— you will be smelling the roses because you are enjoying your surroundings, yourself, your family and friends.  I also believe “taking time to smell the roses” helps make you a healthier person.

A Hard thing to do:  Know when to keep silent and Know when to speak up.

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